The Martta's Inn has become familiar to many already in camps for school children over the years. we offer a unique, family-like environment, which is easy and safe to go and explore your marvel at the diversity of the archipelago.

We carry out the camp schools in co-operation with the Archipelago Booking Finland ( and the Archipelago Nature School. Nature School customizes interesting, just your class the appropriate program and we, the Martta's Inn, we offer an unforgettable setting, good home like food, which invigorate the archipelago of flavours in the mouth of the child in a suitable manner.

The Nature school can be found at:

The camp school in the archipelago and in the Nauvo, feels many like as abroad. You may hear the second national language, Swedish all over the place, it is a visible and audible part of Nauvo's life: Finnish and Swedish languages side by side.

You may come to the archipelago and the Nauvo at all times of the year. Already in the early spring you'll find the awakening of nature and you'll see the flocks of migratory birds, that is a great experience for everyone. In the autumn the fall colours of the archipelago is like a Lapland autumn colours galore. Surrounding sea will  keep the weather mild and very pleasant until November.


We want to be a part of your children’s experience of the archipelago which leaves good memories for the whole life!

The camp school in the archipelago is an unforgettable experience for the young ones!

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